Friday, June 29, 2012

Stack the Deck...and Wait.

An update on my well-shaped Stack the Deck Quilt

Six of the blocks

This is what generally happens to me while I am working on a quilt.  I start out with a bang - six blocks in one sitting.

 Trying out different block arrangements

I was humming right along on this little quilt.  I finished all the blocks and was thinking about the quilting.  This quilt will be quilted like a crazy quilt.  I get to try out all my new machine's decorative stitches.  I can't wait.  I'm thinking about using either olive green thread, or a slightly pinkish/purple thread to bring out those muted colors in the fabrics.  Maybe I'll use both.

Quilt top with border on, laid out on the backing fabric

I sewed the quilt top together, prepared the backing, and discovered I did not have a piece of batting that is large enough for this quilt!  Time to stop, and wait.  This is how I end up with so many UFO's.  I run out of materials, add to my shopping list, put the project aside, and work on something else.  Do you do this, too?  I'm hoping to get some batting for this on Monday or Tuesday, but until then...???  Maybe I'll work on those Melon Ball curtains for my bedroom some more.  :)

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  1. Pellon - couldn't find or none left but wanted yo sew the apple cores on the cotton (only needed 10"). They are ok but definitely would have better shape if waited.....