Friday, June 29, 2012

Stack the Deck...and Wait.

An update on my well-shaped Stack the Deck Quilt

Six of the blocks

This is what generally happens to me while I am working on a quilt.  I start out with a bang - six blocks in one sitting.

 Trying out different block arrangements

I was humming right along on this little quilt.  I finished all the blocks and was thinking about the quilting.  This quilt will be quilted like a crazy quilt.  I get to try out all my new machine's decorative stitches.  I can't wait.  I'm thinking about using either olive green thread, or a slightly pinkish/purple thread to bring out those muted colors in the fabrics.  Maybe I'll use both.

Quilt top with border on, laid out on the backing fabric

I sewed the quilt top together, prepared the backing, and discovered I did not have a piece of batting that is large enough for this quilt!  Time to stop, and wait.  This is how I end up with so many UFO's.  I run out of materials, add to my shopping list, put the project aside, and work on something else.  Do you do this, too?  I'm hoping to get some batting for this on Monday or Tuesday, but until then...???  Maybe I'll work on those Melon Ball curtains for my bedroom some more.  :)

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stash Control

I'm sharing a bit of my fabulous five box fabric find with everyone by opening a new section in the Curlicue Creations Shop.

The new section is simply titled: Fabric.

So far, I'm offering fat quarter bundles of some of the vintage fabrics I've collected.

Most of these fabrics are from the 1970's and 1980's.
Most are 100 percent cotton, a few are a cotton blend, but nothing that I wouldn't use myself.

I'm offering these at great prices, so I can spread the joy I'm receiving with these fabrics to as many people as possible.  Collect fabric, be happy!

Wes just brought home another NINE boxes of fabric last night.  My quilting studio is bursting full of fabric, so I need to get busy organizing!  These new boxes are mostly newer fabrics, and quilt shop quality, name brand cottons.  Check the new Fabric section often, as I will be adding some of these to the shop, too.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bumper Crop Shopping Update

My quilt studio is a mess from recent vintage shopping.  It's summer vacation for the kids, Wes keeps bringing stuff home, and I don't have the time to go through it all, but here it is:

 Five Box Fabulous Fabric Find

Box #1, cotton quilty fabrics.

 Box #2, more cotton quilty fabrics!

 Box #3, yet more cotton quilty fabrics!!

 Box #4, a mixture of fabrics, love that bright, shiny tulip print on the left.

 Box #5, another mixture of fabrics, plus some trims.

 On and inside of this box:  cotton quilty fabrics that I have already sorted out, washed, and folded.

 Along with the fabrics, came a few small, unfinished hand-quilted pieces.  I'm adding some stripey binding to this one.

 Here's another matching piece.  I'm guessing someone was making pillows out of these.

 A small wall hanging, also hand quilted and ready for binding.

 Three books for the craft library.

I'm excited about the first book, Romantic Hand Knits.  I'm planning on making something from this book when I finish the crochet handbag I'm doing at the knitting in the library group.

Victorian Cross Stitch has some beautiful ideas for the home.  Very pretty to look at.

And, Quick Quilts to Make in a Weekend - LOL!  Like I could ever make a whole quilt in a weekend!

 Antique Iron Lamp

Here's another LOL!  I really did laugh out loud when I saw this iron lamp.  It's so corny, but at the same time, so perfect for my iron collection.  Who else could appreciate this?  I'm planning on jazzing up the lampshade for this...sometime.

Asian Pincushion

This mysterious pincushion was hidden deep inside one of the boxes of fabric.  It has six Asian looking guys hanging around the outside of it.  Curious.  Does anyone know the story behind this?  I'm enjoying using it, but I feel like I'm missing out on something.  What does it mean?  

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ACEO Update

Recently I shared with you about ACEO's (Art Cards and Originals).  They are tiny, 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" "trading cards" for artists.  I saw a few quilters were making them, and I decided to try it myself.  I'm hooked!  They are so much fun to make.  Here's what I've made so far.

Love Fan is the first ACEO I made.  I fused all the pieces onto the sweet background fabric and did a tiny zig-zag stitch around the edges.  I love those tiny zig-zags!  Then I sandwiched the layers together, quilted around the edges, and quilted one vertical line and one horizontal line across the front.  Fun and done!

ACEO #2, Oak Leaf Reel.  This one was a little difficult with the tiny pink wreath, but I think it came out nicely.  The back of each ACEO is signed, dated, numbered, and printed with the name of the design.  I called this one Oak Leaf Reel because the Oak Leaves look like they are dancing to me.

Beryl's Tulip Basket was so named because I stitched it during the down-pouring deluge of rain we received from the remnants of Tropical Storm Beryl.  I adore the artsy way these tulips came out.

Sunbonnet Summer is a sleepy little Sunbonnet Sue, napping in the heat of the summer.  It has been a sunbonnet summer here this week, hot, hot, hot!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Sewing and Quilting Expo 2012, Raleigh, NC

Yes, Pepper Mint and I attended the Sewing and Quilting Expo in Raleigh, North Carolina last week.  The winner of the Americana Bandanna Quilted Trivet Pattern is Judy1522.  I hope to hear from you soon, Judy!  Congratulations!

Here is an overview of the Expo floor.  You can see some of the quilt displays, the Gammill classroom/studio, and the shopping, shopping, shopping!

I took a class at the Expo, "Fun Free-Motion Machine Quilting" with Frieda Anderson.  Her quilt, "Woodland Secrets" is pictured above.  I really learned a lot from Frieda and have already seen an improvement in my machine quilting - Yay!

I also enjoyed viewing the quilts.  There was a section of Quilts from Quiltmaker Magazine, like the above "Smooth Sailing" by Carolyn Beam.  I love the movement in this quilt.

This quilt was part of a contest and auction put on by the Quilt Alliance.  All the quilts are shaped like houses.  The originality and diverse ideas were amazing.  I loved looking at these quilts.  I wrote down the name and maker of this quilt, which I especially liked, but I can't find my note.  So, sorry.

One of my favorite parts of the Expo was the trunk show by Sheri Bain Driver of McCall's Quilting.  Above is her quilt, "Heritage Stars".  She showed a trunkload of her scrappy quilts, all gorgeous, to die for, quilts.  Most of them had pieced backs, too.  She also told the story behind each quilt.  It was inspiring.  
Really, the whole show was inspiring.  I came home ready to finish some quilts!  The Sewing and Quilting Expo is touring the country and will be back in Raleigh next year at the same time.  I'm marking my calendar now.  You should attend one of these shows if you can.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Where in the World is Pepper Mint Giveaway!

Pepper Mint and I have just returned from a short vacation.  We had two "pretty as a picture" days attending the ______?_______, in the City of ________?__________.
I'll fill in the blanks in the next post.  If you can guess what city we were in, or what event we were attending, I'll put your name in the hat to win my Americana Bandanna Quilted Trivet Pattern.  (Sorry, tractor not included.)

This is a great little pattern for your Independence Day Celebration.  Use it to adorn your kitchen, give as a hostess gift at a Fourth of July Party, or tuck it into your picnic basket for the annual fireworks display.  It's quick, easy, and fun to make.

Here's Pepper Mint, sitting at the boot of a statue in the fair city we visited.  Guess the name of the boot wearer - Just kidding!

And here she is with the whole statue.  Can you see her?  So tiny!  And look at what the statue is wearing!  So fashionable.  :)

To enter to win a copy of the Americana Bandanna Quilted Trivet Pattern, just leave me a comment guessing what city we were in, or what event we were attending, or both.  I will randomly choose a winner from all the correct entries.  

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood...

I know I don't need any more projects to work on, but I just couldn't help myself.  I fell head over heels for these cute little 3" houses, and the idea behind them.  The basic idea is you make one house every day of 2012 for a total of 366 (It's leap year).  The houses are paper pieced, so you can write on the back of each house and record the date you made it, and anything special about that day.  Fun!  You can read about the original idea here:, and there's a link from that blog to her Etsy shop, where you can order the pattern for these.  I'm sure I won't make 366 of these, but I have made a few and here they are.  Won't you take a tour of my neighborhood?

 House #1, June 5, 2012, My parent's 47th Wedding Anniversary
A nice day to start.

 House #2, June 6, 2012, Levi's Ice Cream Party at School
The end of 2nd Grade.

 House #3, June 11, 2012, I made Ice Cream Sandwiches for the first time.
Hmmmm...two houses about ice cream.  I always say, Ice Cream is the secret to happiness.

 House #4, June 13, 2012, National Sewing Machine Day

 House #5, June 14, 2012, Flag Day

 House #6, June 15, 2012, Movie night with the kids.
We watched the classic "The Great Outdoors".

 House #7, June 16, 2012, My flower bed is unbelievable!
It was a nice, quiet day.  Nothing remarkable happened.

House #8, June 17, 2012, Father's Day.
I love my Dad.

I hope you enjoyed my little "Parade of Homes" tour.  

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fabric, Lovely, Fabric

 Bright Batiks

I've acquired a few new fat quarters for my stash recently.  I've been drooling over the exquisite colors and patterns of batik fabrics, and I finally broke down and purchased this collection of brights.

Twist and Shout blocks

I used some of them to cut strips for the Twist and Shout blocks I'm working on at the Monday night Quarter Seamers quilting group.

While I was at the Quarter Seamers, Miss Lou had these fat quarters for sale at a super price.  I couldn't resist!

Building Tiny Houses from Scraps

I used some of these to make a couple Tiny House blocks.  More about these in my next post.

I also got these luscious cuts at Miss Lou's.

Beryl's Tulip Basket ACEO Mini Quilt

I made some additional tiny house blocks with these fabrics, and more tiny ACEO mini quilts.  At least the fabric is getting used.  It's not just sitting around and looking pretty.  That justifies it, right?

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Knitting at the Library New Project!

 Fabulous Fingerless Gloves

Knitting at the Library meets again this Monday, and I finally finished my fingerless gloves, so I have chosen a new project.  I decided to give myself a little knitting break and do some crochet.  I've always found crochet to be easier for me.

 Exchange Bag

I'm making this beaming little exchange bag from the Stitch N' Bitch Happy Hooker book.  The pattern for this bag is designed by Jana Stone.  It's made using Nylon Crochet Thread (Very, very, hard to find!).  It's going well so far.  The shells at the bottom of the bag came out nicely, and the Nylon thread is easy to use.

TNT at the ball park

My goal is to get Trent potty trained by the time I finish making this bag so I can throw out the stinky old diaper bag and be oh-so-fashionable once again.  Ahhhhh!  Wish me luck.  He is super stubborn and resistant!

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