Sewing Machines

 Singer 301A Tan Finish

Sew-O-Matic Senior - A Stracco Machine


  1. I recently acquired a sewing machine from Egypt that sews beautifully. It has the name
    Mother JHG80A Super Zig Zag. Does anyone know anything about this machine?

    1. Hello Pat ~ Thank you for your comment. I have not heard of that brand before. It was manufactured in Egypt? How cool! Enjoy your machine.

  2. Hi Jennifer: Love your vintage machines. I have 2 of the Singer 301A machines which were assembled in the Anderson, SC, Singer plant back in the 1950's and 1960's. (I live in Anderson, SC but never worked at the Singer plant.) I also have several Featherweights which I use daily. I have a 1903 Wilcox & Gibbs hand-crank (chain stitch machine), a 1911 New Home hand-crank, and 3 treadles (a White, a 1896 Richmond by Davis, and a Rotoscilla). I also have a Household fiddle-base hand-crank and a Minnesota-E (both use the bullet shuttle instead of bobbins). I have made quilt blocks on all of my rescues, LOL. Hope you have a 'sew-wonderful' day. Becky Gilliam

  3. Hi there! I just discovered your awesome blog. You have a ton of beautiful machines and I love your quilts!! I just purchased a Brother 220 Super Streamliner in Pink like shown in your pictures. Do you happen to have a manual you could email a copy? I am so excited to get started, but not sure where to begin. my email is and I would be willing to pay for the copies or trouble. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day. Cindy