Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bernina Bernette 705 Sewing Machine

 The Bernina Bernette 705 is the most recent addition to my sewing machine collection.  This metal body machine was manufactured sometime in the mid 1990's.  It's Bernina's low end machine, without all the fancy bells and whistles, but still feels like a quality machine with all the basic stitches you need.  It does a straight stitch, zigzag, buttonhole, blind hem, stretch, and 3 step zigzag.  

 It came with a soft cover, the original manual, and a box of accessories.

 Oreo investigated the accessories box.  All the original feet, screwdrivers, seam guide, seam ripper, and lint brush were in the box.  The feet included are a general purpose foot, an embroidery foot, an overlock foot, a zipper foot, a darning/quilting foot, a buttonhole foot, and a blind hem foot.
 The only thing missing was the bobbin.  I found my box of Kenmore bobbins fit and worked perfectly - Yay!

After cleaning and oiling, this machine sewed wonderfully.  This isn't the most beautiful sample, but this is me, playing with the different stitch functions.  I'm going to try this machine for my next project.

Get creative!

Jennifer Schifano Thomas

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  1. Hi Jennifer -
    You mentioned that your Kenmore bobbin fit into your machine. I just inherited a Bernette 705A but my bobbins from my Brother, 3 Singers, Prodigy do not fit. I have been searching on the internet and came across your blog. Do you happen to know what size your Kenmore bobbin is? Your help would be so appreciated.

    1. Hello Michigirl, Thanks so much for your comment. I believe it is a class 15 bobbin. Have fun with your new Bernette!

  2. I bought one without all the feet or manual n a lady on a site said it was not a Bernina. If it's not a Bernina like she says why does it carry their name ?

    1. Hello Terry, I've never heard that before. I do believe that the Bernette is Bernina's low cost, low end machine. They are no longer in production, but you can download a manual for your machine from Bernina. Here's a link:

    2. My research has come up with this same answer. It was made by Bernina. And yes it uses a 15 bobbin 😊