Friday, May 9, 2014

Featherweight: Vintage 1940

Here's a little more about the latest addition to my Featherweight family.  The above pic I showed in a previous post.  This was while I was cleaning, oiling, adjusting, and adding a little bit of love.  If you are curious about the cosmetic differences between pre WWII featherweights and after WWII models, you can read my previous post here:  Featherweight Comparison.

Here's a peek inside the case.  This one has the lift out tray that my 1937 model was missing.  In the tray are lots of attachments, including the zig-zagger, some bobbins, a teeny tiny screwdriver, some old thread, some older needles, and the original tube of motor lubricant.  I wonder if that stuff goes bad?  Hmmmmm?

Once I got her fixed up, I couldn't wait to start sewing!  This machine sews really quietly, and quickly.  It's in better shape than my other two.   You can see the gold trim design is in very good condition on this machine with minimal scratches and wear.  I assume it has low mileage.  Too bad there's no odometer on a sewing machine!

I was so pleased, that I put her in my sewing desk for now.  My poor desk!  It's an ancient Mad Men style metal desk.  It weighs a ton, but does a great job as a sewing desk.  It would look so much better with a paint job, though.  

Now my dilemma.  I don't have a name for this machine.  My 1951 model is Nicolette, because she was priced at $5.00 (like a nickel), although my husband bargained them down to $4.00 - Ha!Ha!.  My 1937 model is Mary, because that was the most popular girls name in 1937.  I thought I would do the same with this machine, but the most popular girls name for 1940 was also Mary. So what to choose?  Mary, Mary?  Mary II? Queen Mary?  I just don't know.  Please help!  I would love some suggested names in the comments today.

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Jennifer Schifano Thomas


  1. Marie or Maria, or any derivative of Mary. Which would also give you Molly, May, and Mitzie (Hmmm Mitzie Gaynor) from South Pacific?

  2. Oh a dilemma for you Jennifer, I have one featherweight and it has the tray that lifts out and I think the original oil as well! I need to have mine serviced but you are so lucky to have found three. Happy sewing.
    Perhaps its a boy?