Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Singer Centennial Featherweight 221

 My husband, the eternal shopper~bargain hunter~treasure seeker brought home another Featherweight he found at a ridiculous price $10.00, or so.  When he brought this into the house, I seriously thought "I don't need another Featherweight.  I'll probably just sell it."

 Then I opened up the case and...Haha!....Fuzzy was not really inside, but he is not going to let an open box go unused.  Plus he is not a featherweight, he's a chunky little guy!

 Here was my real first peek inside.  The poor machine was still threaded!  Looky over in the lower left corner - the keys to the case are included.  Those are hard to find.  I only have one other featherweight case key.  Cool.

 I pulled her out and she was dusty!  She definitely needs some cleaning up, but the decals look nice and all the workings seem to be intact.  It even has a sturdy belt.

 Then I took a closer look.  This machine has the blue Centennial seal!  My first Centennial!  Wow - I'm so excited to have this machine.  It's really amazing how each one of my Featherweights is unique and has different features in some way.  Yep...it's a keeper.

 It does have this one cosmetic issue.  There is a paint chip on the front edge.  Does anyone know the best way to remedy this?  I've never had a chipped edge before.

 Other goodies in the case included the original manual.  It's in rough, but usable condition.

 And the original accessories box with these attachments and a couple of spool pin circles.

Here she is after a little cleaning up.  Hopefully I'll have some time to oil her up and try her out later on this week.  Such a pretty little lady.  

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