Thursday, August 24, 2017

Singer 301A Vintage Sewing Machine

I'm so excited!  My husband found this beautiful Singer 301A at the Habitat for Humanity, recognized it as my favorite machine, and brought it home.  Cabinet and all, it was only $26.00.  

The Singer 301A, and the Singer 301 are both the same machine.  They were only made for a few years in the early 1960's in South Carolina.  I believe production on these machines stopped after a factory fire destroyed the building.

 This machine is in excellent condition.  It appears to have very little use.  After cleaning and maintenance, she is ready to sew.  I'm keeping this machine in the living room.  I'll be doing all my piecing on this machine this Fall.  

The 301A is a workhorse of a sewing machine.  It only sews straight stitch, but is extremely fast, even, and hardy.  This machine is sometimes known as the Featherweight's "big sister".  

This is the same machine, in the beige finish.  These machines were made in three color variations, all black, all beige, and a two tone beige and cream combination.  Both of my machines are the "short bed" style.  Some are "long bed", meaning the little fold up edge where you access the bobbin area is a little bit longer.

I've had a wonderful summer with my boys, but I'm ready for school to begin on Monday.  Back-to-school is the start to my Sewing Season!

Be Creative ~ Sew Something Today.

Jennifer Thomas

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