Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Finishing a Quilt

I'm between projects at the moment, so I'm spending the remainder of June finishing up a few U.F.O. quilts.  It feels so good to finally finish.  I have quite a few quilts that are just waiting for the binding, sleeve and label.  I did this one over the last few days.

I chose this bright red, textured fabric for my binding.  It matches some of the reds in the quilt top and adds a nice punch around the border of my quilt.

In this picture, I'm pinning the binding to the top of the quilt.

Here I'm hand sewing the binding onto the back side, nearing the corner!  In the Summertime I enjoy doing my hand stitching outside on the porch while the children play in the yard.

Here's a close up of the mitered corner.

After finishing the binding, I made a long sleeve, also out of the red fabric.  Here is is before turning right side out.

In this photo it is pinned onto the back of the quilt.

And here I am, lovingly hand stitching the sleeve onto the quilt.  I like the way the quilt looks folded in this pic.  That might make an interesting quilt block.

And for this quilt, a super simple label.  Just the quilt's name, my name, the date I finished, and where it was made.

For once, the wind cooperated and let me take this clothesline pic of the whole quilt.  It's a Bear's Paw quilt that I started on soooooooo long ago.  It was one of those free patterns they send in the mail when offering a magazine subscription.  I'm so sorry, I don't know the name, the designer, or what magazine this is from.  It's just been too long.  If you know, please send me a message.  I would really appreciate it!

I named this quilt "William in the Woods" because I used all William Morris fabrics for the Bear's Paws.  It's even more appropriate now, because I have a cat named William who loves to play in the woods.

Here he is!

Until next time...please visit the Curlicue Creations Shop...and have a super day!

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Jennifer Schifano Thomas

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