Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Countdown, Volume 4

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Day 4 of my Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks countdown.  Today we are on Volume 4 from Winter 2011.  I did more block testing for this issue.  I also submitted a block.

In My Garden, Block #306, by me!  What a playful little block.  It always makes me smile when I see the little turtle and the graceful flower bending in the breeze.  I do have Eastern Box Turtles in my garden occasionally.  They like to nibble on the cantaloupes.

I made this cute little wall hanging featuring the In My Garden block.  Simple, but effective with a fun stripey border.

Winter Blooms, Block #309, by Cheryl Haynes.  Cheryl Haynes is also known as the Prairie Grove Peddler.  She is one of my favorite block designers.  I love her floral applique blocks.  This block features little french knots in the centers of the flowers.  

Olde St. Nick, Block #313, by Susan Marth.  Who doesn't love Santa!  This was a fun block to sew.  I was a little nervous about outlining all the patches with black thread, but it came out nicely.  It has been pointed out in Quiltmaker magazine that if you turn this block upside down it looks like a sheep eating out of Santa's hat.

The Balancing Act, Block #316, by Denise Russart.  How adorable!  Denise has designed a lot of dog blocks.  This one is so cute with the butterfly perched on his nose.

Posie Pathway, Block #317, by Erin Russek.  Another one of my faves.  I just adore applique floral blocks.

Sunday Rose, Block #325, by Chris Hoover.  I tried to use similar colors to Chris' original block for this one.  Very pretty foundation pieced block!

Fresh Cut, Block #343, by Sara Tuttle Khammash.  I sewed this block as part of my Fresh 'N Fancy quilt which appeared in one of the Quilts from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks issue.  I chose this block to go with my Polka Party block (Volume 5 - see tomorrow's post) because I wanted an applique block with a pieced background.  I wanted the applique shape to be rounded to add softness to the squareness of the Polka Party blocks. 

The Fresh 'N Fancy quilt, included in the Quilts from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Spring 2013 issue.  See how the Fresh Cut blocks and the Polka Party blocks coordinate together?

Sephora, Block #345, by Becca LoGiudice.  This block makes me smile.  Becca's original block is very serious, a beautiful black and blue vase on a black and white background.  My vase has chickens on it and looks like it is outside, sitting in a farmer's field with the cows, geese, and ducks looking on.

Linked, Block #348, by Moira McSpadden.  This block gave me a hard time.  I sewed the sections together incorrectly the first time, but the end result is a really cool, interlocking look.  A fun modern block.

Patchwork Bouquet, Block #349, by Amanda Murphy.  I won't lie here - Amanda's block is far prettier than mine!  Her block is all cool blues and greens.  The color combination I used here is a little bit crazy.  I wanted to experiment with colors and stripes.  I did use the red and white striped fabric in several of the blocks I tested for this issue.

Brer Bunny, Block #353, by Marjorie Rhine.  How cute it this???  A little blue bunny sewn out of a triangle, with a carrot snack.  A little embroidery detail on the nose and mouth.  You can see I played with the red and white stripes in the background.
Stripes can add marvelous dimension to a block.

Confetti, Block #354, by Laura Stone Roberts.  Definitely different!  This block features a modern style pieced stripe background.  Each tiny squares is then fused on and secured with a French knot.

Patchwork Pansies, Block #360, by Terry Clothier Thompson.  Another pretty floral block with a pieced background.  I should have chosen a better contrasting fabric for the pansies.  They feature sweetly embroidered details.  

Ozark Cactus, Block #384, by Judy Laquidara.  This block should produce a nice secondary design when placed together.

Just Chillin', Block #397, by Margie Ullery.  I'm sorry the photo is so skewed.  It's the only pic I could find of this block.  This one was sewn for Trent's 100 Blocks quilt.  So cute!

Until next time...please visit the Curlicue Creations Shop...and have a super day!

Get Creative!

Jennifer Schifano Thomas

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  1. Wow! Amazing that you tried out so many of the blocks, although it sounds like you did some of them as a tester for the magazine. I like "Linked", your take on "Sephora" and I love "In My Garden".