Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Countdown, Volume 3

Hello there!  Thank you for joining me again today for Day 3 of my Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks countdown.  Today we're revisiting Volume 3.  This is when I first got involved with the 100 Blocks series of magazines.  I became a block tester.  

Party Frock, Block #206, by Kay Mackenzie.  This is the very first block I tested.  How adorable!  I was instantly smitten.  To date, this is still one of my favorite blocks ever.

Night Lights, Block #211, by Gina Reddin.  Her original block has a black background, so the colors really pop.  Since I used a sunshine background, my block is more like "Day Lights".

Spring's Best, Block #214, by Ann Weber.  This is not the best picture, but what a cutie pie block.  Each petal of the flower is an individual piece of fabric, and the vein detail in the leaves really make this block interesting.

Cactus Flower, Block #215, by Sue Beevers.  It was a bit difficult to get the points to match in this foundation pieced block, but worth it!  It reminds me of the cactus I have growing in my front yard.

Stepping Stone, Block #228, by Janice Averill.  This would make an interesting quilt.  It would be fun to sew a lot of these and play with them on a design wall.  The background stripes could lead your eye all over a quilt.  Fun!

Spring Beauties, Block #240, by Rochelle Martin.  Sew sweet!  I love blocks like this one.  Again, the yo-yo's were a little bit challenging for me, but they came out okay.  I red, white, and blued this block and a few of the others that I sewed from this issue. 

Fantasy Flutterby, Block #241, by Jo Moury.  Can you say teeny-tiny bias stems?  That's one of the many special features of this block.  I followed Quiltmaker's directions for "Tiny Bias Stems", and they came out just lovely.  I also enjoyed adding the embroidered details to this block.  Beautiful.

Rubber Duckie, Block #246, by Heidi Pridemore.  I made this block recently.  Trent chose it for his quilt.  He has a whole rubber duckie family for the bathtub.  "Rubber duckie, you're the one..."

Desert Lily, Block #248, by Caroline Reardon.  This was another one of my favorites.  I am not a huge fan of foundation piecing, but I just love the way this block turned out.  The colors look so happy together, and the little flowers accenting the corners of the block - I just love it!

Going in Circles, Block #252, by Paula Stoddard.  This block had a really neat technique.  It took a while to sew it all together, but well worth the work.

Horizon, Block #255, by Vanessa Vargas Wilson, a.k.a. The Crafty Gemini.  What a modern looking block.  I would love to see a whole quilt sewn from this block.

Winston Ways, Block #279, by Bonnie Hunter.  If I'm counting correctly, this block has 100 pieces!  That's a lot of pieces!  Scrap diva-licious.

Twister, Block #286, by Christina McCourt.  I could have done a little better job choosing the fabric values for this block.  

Filmstrip, Block #289, by Scott Murkin.  This was my first introduction to Scott Murkin, a fellow North Carolina quilter.  I really like his unique approach to quilt design.  He looks at quilts in such a different way than I do.

Khanam's Surprise, Block #299, by Cinzia White.  This block was like a puzzle to put together.  It really was a surprise to me that it all fit together!   A great block to piece with fun results.  I'm also amazed that I got all the American flags waving in the same direction.

I made the Lollipops quilt using nine of the blocks that I tested for Volume 3.  I used scraps from all the fabrics to make the nine patch cornerstones and the four patch border.  I designed the floral vine blocks for the outer border myself.  

Wshew!  That was a lot of blocks!  I suppose somewhere out there is someone who has sewn all the blocks.  Now that would be an undertaking.

Until next time...please visit the Curlicue Creations Shop...and have a super day!

Get Creative!

Jennifer Schifano Thomas

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