Saturday, March 9, 2019

The Quilting Cottage ~ A Dollhouse Story

 This is my youngest son, Trent.  He likes to build models.  Lego models, car, boat, and plane models.  He has a vintage camper in our backyard with his model railroad set up, too.  Because he loves building and miniatures he asked about working on a few old dollhouses we have around the house.

We began with this one.  It was on a shelf in the quilting studio gathering dust.  It is supposed to be a quaint little quilt shop.  A quilting cottage.  We dusted it off and made a few repairs.  The door had fallen off, a piece of the roof was missing.  Trent added a bouquet of flowers in the flower box, the white picket fence and the bench outside.

This is the shop owner.  She lives in a blue dollhouse in our foyer with her husband, son, three babies, a grandpa, and three cats.  She loves going to work in her quiet little shop ~ Hahaha!  She has decorated her shop with a log cabin looking rug.  

In this area she has an old fashioned rotary phone, a couple of sewing machines, and some sewing supplies.  She recently sold an antique black sewing machine to Ms. Rich, so her inventory is down a bit.

Upstairs, she has a table and chairs for knitting class, and a blue and white quilt is hanging on the rack.  One of the Corn husk Sisters stopped by just last week and had a knitting lesson.

Needlework in progress is on this frame, waiting for someone to stitch.  

This cabinet holds finished quilts for sale.  Ms. Rich purchased one of these for her home, too.  

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Jennifer Thomas

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  1. How fun! I have a couple doll houses I bought when my daughter was young and thought it would be fun to put together with her. Unfortunately life got in the way and it never happened. I still plan to put them together as I have always loved doll houses. Your quilt shop is very cute.