Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Hope Applique Quilt Block

 Just for fun, I'm sewing a Hope applique quilt block.  This is a fusible applique style block, and I love to work in that style.  Here's my block before sewing around all the patches to secure them.  The finished size of this block will be 12" x 12".  Maybe I'll make a pillow out of it.

 Here's how it looked after fusing down just a few of the patches.  Isn't it cute how the flower buds are made from little hearts?

 Now I'm sewing around the patches with a little zigzag stitch.  For my tutorial on fusible applique, click here: Fusible Applique Tutorial featuring Crabby Crab

If you would like to make your own Hope quilt block, the pattern is available in my Etsy shop here:  Hope Quilt Block Pattern

Be Creative ~ Sew Something Beautiful Today.

Jennifer Thomas

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