Friday, March 22, 2019

The Making of Miss Minnie Sue Pickle

 Today I'm sharing the Making of the Miss Minnie Sue Pickle quilt.  I made this quilt as an Island Batik Ambassador challenge and I just love it so very much!  It's one of my favorite quilts.

 I chose my fabrics from the above selection.  I love Island Batik fabrics!

 I made some templates to cut out the curvy background pieces for each block.  I find it easiest to cut squares of fabric and then lay my templates on the squares to mark and cut the pieces.  See how the corner pattern pieces fit snugly into the corners of my square?  I don't even have to mark those two sides of the patch.  Easy peasy!

 The triangle arc sections were paper pieced.  Here they are on my design wall in various stages of piecing, and not yet trimmed.  When you stand back, they look like a lot of eyelashes to me.

 After trimming, I sewed the curvy triangle arcs to the outer background patches.

 Here are a few of the blocks coming together.

 My pink border strips, lovingly labelled by my son, Trent with a flower.

 Quilting time!  I quilted a zigzag across the center of each block, and simply outlined the rest of the patches.

 Quilt, quilt, quilt!

The finished quilt, getting a little sunshine during the photo session.

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Jennifer Thomas

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