Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Making Do ~ Snuggly Wuggly Garment Sewing

 Generally I don't do a lot of garment sewing.  I'm a much better quilter.  But...recently I was complaining to myself about how cold I am at night due to not having enough winter sleepwear, and I thought, "why don't I just sew something?"  Surely, I have a pattern for that somewhere...and some snuggly flannel fabric....and a sewing machine...and thread.  I found the above McCall's pattern in my sewing collection.  What are those models doing in the pic?  They look funny-cute with their hair up in rollers like they are having some kind of pajama party.

 I'm planning on making view A.  It looks easy to sew and comfy to sleep in.

 Next I searched my stash for some soft flannel fabric.  I found this probably from the 1980's heart print.  Cute.  But, when I cut out my pieces, I found a spot where someone had cut out one of the hearts - right in the middle of the fabric!  Crazy!  So I could cut most of the pieces, but not quite all of them.  

This is where the "making do" comes in.  I decided to cut most of the pieces out of the heart fabric anyway, and use a different piece for the back of my garment.  The back is going to be this cute baby print so I can sleep like a baby.  Ha ha.  As of today all my pieces are cut out and I'm ready to sew!

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Jennifer Thomas

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  1. I used to sew some of my clothes but when I had kids my only sewing was for them until they were older. Now I only sew for my daughter for special occasions. I enjoy sewing quilts more than making clothes.