Thursday, July 10, 2014

Super Scrappy Abstract Double Irish Chain

Here's another experimental design I've been working on.  It's a Double Irish Chain quilt in black, blue, and yellow.  I'm sewing it super scrappy and randomly mixing up the black pieces to give it a non-traditional look.  After sewing the blocks, I auditioned a few different arrangements on the design wall.  I first tried a four blocks by six blocks arrangement.

Then, I tried a square top.  I decided I like the square arrangement better.  This top is five by five.

The large black squares with the rose prints seemed to jump out in the quilt top, so I moved them further apart into this design.  I'm sewing the blocks together from here, and adding a few borders.

I used a yellow batik for the first border.  I had a lot of blue squares left over from the blocks, so I cut a few more and did scrappy squares for border #2.

I'm going to finish it off with a solid jet black all the way around.  I've got half of it sewn on in the above photo.  Black always looks good!

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Jennifer Schifano Thomas