Saturday, July 26, 2014

Quilting Sally's Mystery Quilt

I fixed my little boo-boo on this quilt, and now I'm working on the quilting.  This quilt has a lot of open spaces - a little scary for me!  I drew out this tulip motif to stitch into each corner of the blank blocks.

Here's one tulip by itself.

I'm stitching some swirls into the white squares of the Jacob's ladder blocks, and doing loopy quilting in the balance of the white spaces on these blocks.  I hope it makes the orange stand out.

The bottom half of a blank block with the tulip motif.

In this photo you can see a little bit of the borders.  The outer border is getting a wavy/flame look, and the inner border is all swirls.  I'm stitching these with a gorgeous King Tut variegated thread from Superior Threads.  My fave thread for quilting!  I love it!  

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Jennifer Schifano Thomas


  1. Lovely quilting. The tulips look great and I love the swirls and waves too.

  2. Great job! The only FMQ I can do that looks decent is a swirl :/ hopefully I will improve.