Wednesday, July 2, 2014

In the Pink - Vintage Finds

 Just last week Mr. Thomas brought home this wonderful vintage sewing basket.  It's pink - which I love!  The top is wooden, with a pretty flower cut out decoupaged on it.

Here's a peek inside.  See the cute curved spool rack?  It was filled with lots of vintage sewing goodies, too.  Old thread spools, some good, some just for fun.  Needle packs, pins, a handful of little sewing kits, and even a sock darner.  Do you see the old prescription pill bottle on the left?  It's dated 1973, and thankfully filled with pins - no pills!

I love how it matches the pink Atlas Sewing machine.  I've got her all tuned up and have been sewing with this lovely machine lately.

I also found this matching pink metal accessory box on Ebay.  It doesn't look pink in this picture, but it is - really - it's pink!

Here's the front of the Atlas machine.  This has been really fun to sew with.  It makes a terrific straight seam.

And one last find - not pink, but still fun.  It's a pattern box, and filled with old 1960's and 1970's dress patterns.  They are fun to look at.  I should take some photos of them, too.  Included in the patterns is a 1970 pattern for a Burnoose made from a bedspread!  Really cute - now all I need is a 1970's bedspread.

Until next time...please visit the Curlicue Creations Shop...and have a super day!

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Jennifer Schifano Thomas

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