Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art

On Friday morning I visited the North Carolina Museum of Art with my three boys.  Going to an art museum with three boys is an adventure.  You have to move quickly.  Overall they were surprised at some of the art, bored by some of it, and mentally stimulated by some of it, too.

The first thing we saw was this reflecting pool.  The building has some interesting mirrored surfaces.  It doesn't look like much from the road, but it is a work of art in itself.  

Levi and I, in front of the water.  We were curious as to how deep it is.  You can't see the bottom, but I think it's shallow with the illusion of depth.

This ancient tile mosaic is one of my personal favorites.  I think it is from the 2nd century, B.C.  Thousands of tiny tiles, precisely placed to make the designs.  Do you see a quilt in this?  Inspiration, maybe?  I would love to try a mosaic sometime.

Another piece I really liked was this cow vessel.  Do you see the design on the side?  It's kind of feathery.  I thought it was great for quilting inspiration.  

Waterlilies floating on another outdoor pool.

An interesting outdoor sculpture.  My oldest son, Gavin went to look at it close up.  He said it's made out of all squares and rectangles.  There is a complete outdoor trail with different sculptures all along the walk, but it was super hot and humid the day we went, so we only saw a few of them.

Levi, taking a "thinking" break in the Rodin garden.

And this is what I get when I ask my two youngest to smile for the camera.  Fantastic.

Thanks for coming along on my little art walk!

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