Thursday, June 25, 2020

Quilting the Crocker Baby Quilt ~ Part One

 This is the Crocker Baby Quilt top.  This pattern is by Jeni Baker.  It was included in the May 2020 Quilty Box.  You can read my first post about this quilt here:  Crocker Baby Quilt

Note:  The fabric and pattern for this project were given to me by Quilty Box at no cost to me.
I'm quilting all of the half square triangle sections with back and forth lines over the gray triangle and sunbursts over the yellow triangle.

I'm having fun with the 36 squares, quilting a different design in each one.  

I quilted them all freehand, with no marking or rulers.

I'm quilting this project on my Juki TL98E.

I used four different colors of King Tut thread by Superior: Silver Bullet, Obsidian, Edwardian Blue, and Olde Golde.

The batting is Hobbs Heirloom Cotton.

The fabrics are from the Pottery Collection by the Quilting Cowboy for Windham.  I supplemented these fabrics with a few golds and grays from my stash.

I'm having so much fun quilting this project!  I can't wait to finish up and show you the rest of the blocks.  It's like a sampler of quilting designs.

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Jennifer Thomas

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  1. I may consider that quilt pattern in smaller dimensions to make a practice quilt for my FMQ & feathers, as well as, ruler work. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Lots of great quilting. Can't wait to see the finish.