Sunday, June 14, 2020

Crocker Baby Quilt

 This month I decided to sew the Crocker Baby Quilt pattern by Jeni Baker from the Bundles of Inspiration magazine in the May Quilty Box.

 I used all of the fabrics from the Pottery collection, also included in the box.  Aren't these fabric surface designs awesome?

 I pulled the cheddar fabrics and the background fabric from my stash.

 The pattern had you sew a gazillion half square triangle units.

 This is my favorite method for making half square triangle units.  

 However, there is a mistake in the pattern.  It makes twice as many HST units as needed for the quilt.  I didn't notice until I had finished sewing and trimming them all.

 Ugh!  The trimming is my least favorite part.

 But, all in all, it sewed up pretty quickly.  The top was finished in an afternoon.
I spent a few days thinking about how to quilt it before I loaded it onto the frame.

 I decided to quilt all the triangle units in the same way.  I quilted back and forth lines over the gray background triangles.

 I quilted this fun sunburst design in the yellow triangles.  

 But what to do with the squares?  I was inspired by a member of Quilter's Show and Tell, to try a different design in each square.  I'm enjoying the challenge and variety so far.  I'll show my progress in a future post.

 A last look at the top.  

Be creative ~ Sew something beautiful today.

Jennifer Thomas

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