Friday, November 17, 2017

My Sewing Tutu

 No, I'm not dancing and quilting at the same time.  I'm nowhere near that coordinated!  The sewing Tutu came in the October Quilty Box.

I was excited to try it.  It fits over the top of  a wide mouth canning jar.  What a cute idea!

The pincushion top can be customized with the fabric of your choice.  I've been waiting for the "purrfect" project to use my "You've got to be kitten me" fabric.  This is it!  Meow.

I tried a few different jars before I found the right one.  The jar needs to be wide mouth ~ and have shoulders, otherwise the tutu falls down.  That could be embarrassing!

I filled my jar with a bunch of vintage buttons, but you could customize it with so many different possibilities.  This is my result.  I love it.  Room for pins, needles, scissors, thread, thimble, etc.  This is just right for my hand sewing tv nights.

This was just one of the fun surprises in the October Quilty Box.  I just received my November Quilty Box this week.  I'll show a peek into that package soon.  If you want to try Quilty Box for yourself, or send one to a friend, just click on the advertisement at the end of this post.

Be Creative ~ Sew Something Beautiful Today!

Jennifer Thomas

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