Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quilt Trails of the Tar River Kick-Off Celebration

Last weekend I attended the Quilt Trails of the Tar River kick-off party in Bunn, North Carolina.  This new quilt trail has been started by the Franklin County Arts Council, and runs through the Piedmont and Tar River area of North Carolina.  That's the Northern/Central part of our state.

They had a few of the blocks on display, like this beautiful Double Wedding Ring, that will be hung on the home of Charles and Debbie Powell, (also known as Miss Lou's Quilting Studio).

This block is my personal favorite so far, Prairie Rose.  I love the way the artist, Kim Young, gave it a stained glass look.  This one is going up on one of my friend's homes, Sandie Rosenthal.

Ooooh!  Look at this one!  I love curvy quilts.  This block is called Grist Mill.  It is going to be mounted on a local shop, the Bees Knees. 

My parents were visiting from Las Vegas, so they got to come along, too.  Here's my Mother, taking some photos of the blocks.

This is a photo of all the blocks they had on display, including the Century of Progress block mounted way up high.  This block is for the town of Bunn.  Also in the photo from left to right, my  Mother, my Father, and my Husband, too.

They also had a band for entertainment, and some local vendors.

It was a hot and humid day.  My son, Trent was happy to see the ice cream truck.

I believe there are sixteen blocks in the still growing Quilt Trails of the Tar River.  I plan on making a few day trips out to see them all soon.  And the best news is my family is joining the trail, too.  I submitted our application last night, along with my block design, and I'm so excited I can't sleep!

I'm going to try to keep my block a surprise.  I'll reveal it on my blog when it goes up on our home.

Until next time...please visit the Curlicue Creations Shop...and have a super day!

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  1. That is very cool. There is one nearby that I want to go and see some weekend when DH and I are not booked up with work, and family obligations.