Friday, August 15, 2014

Star BOM Layout Ideas

I've come up with eight simple ideas for the setting for the Star BOM quilt.  I'm not going to put the blocks together in this order, but these are the different ideas I came up with for a layout.  I think it will be best to do something simple so the blocks remain the "stars" of the quilt.

 Version One

This is as simple as it gets!  Skinny sashing with cornerstones to separate each block, and a thicker, dark brown border on the outside.

 Version Two
The sashing and cornerstones are thicker than in the first quilt.

 Version Three
The cornerstones are little pinwheel blocks.

 Version Four
Diamonds in the sashing.

 Version Five
Diamonds in the sashing and the pinwheel cornerstones.

 Version Six
Back to the skinny sashing.  Border one features random squares of the different fabrics used in the star blocks.

 Version Seven
Circles in the cornerstones to give this quilt a few curves.  Border one features small points.

Version Eight
Circles in the cornerstones.  Border one has been eliminated.

What is your opinion?  I could use a little help choosing this one.  Please comment below.  I will be taking suggestions here and also at the Facebook Quilters Show and Tell Group.  Thanks so much!

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Get Creative!

Jennifer Schifano Thomas


  1. I like the wider sashing with more complicated cornerstones. Star blocks need to 'Pop", and the more complicated sashing distracts. The narrow sashing doesn't set the stars off enough. Feature the star blocks and play with the cornerstones... that's my vote! Love the blocks! I keep trying to be a landscape, fused applique kind of quilter, but I do love a well pieced block! One of my favorite elements of quilting in bees and retreats, is all the help we get from friends. I recently spent an hour with two friends at our bee, deciding on borders for a panel... and the back. Then I went to a retreat and the whole idea for the back changed... different group of friends. In the end, for the back, I did it "My Way"! For me, "It takes a village to build a quilt"! Love this blog! Reilly in Tucson

  2. I like the prairie point border of #7, but with pinwheel cornerstones instead of circles.

  3. Some good ideas there! I like version number three and version number six. So now I just have to decide which one to choose :) Maybe both of them........does that work??
    Gun, Sweden