Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood...

I know I don't need any more projects to work on, but I just couldn't help myself.  I fell head over heels for these cute little 3" houses, and the idea behind them.  The basic idea is you make one house every day of 2012 for a total of 366 (It's leap year).  The houses are paper pieced, so you can write on the back of each house and record the date you made it, and anything special about that day.  Fun!  You can read about the original idea here:  www.jeanneke.com/#post142, and there's a link from that blog to her Etsy shop, where you can order the pattern for these.  I'm sure I won't make 366 of these, but I have made a few and here they are.  Won't you take a tour of my neighborhood?

 House #1, June 5, 2012, My parent's 47th Wedding Anniversary
A nice day to start.

 House #2, June 6, 2012, Levi's Ice Cream Party at School
The end of 2nd Grade.

 House #3, June 11, 2012, I made Ice Cream Sandwiches for the first time.
Hmmmm...two houses about ice cream.  I always say, Ice Cream is the secret to happiness.

 House #4, June 13, 2012, National Sewing Machine Day

 House #5, June 14, 2012, Flag Day

 House #6, June 15, 2012, Movie night with the kids.
We watched the classic "The Great Outdoors".

 House #7, June 16, 2012, My flower bed is unbelievable!
It was a nice, quiet day.  Nothing remarkable happened.

House #8, June 17, 2012, Father's Day.
I love my Dad.

I hope you enjoyed my little "Parade of Homes" tour.  

Until next time...please visit the Curlicue Creations Shop...and have a super day!



  1. Nice houses! Where's the wedding day house? Like your blogs!

  2. Nice houses. Seems ashame to put the thoughts on the back to be sandwiched inside when it's quilted. June looks to be a happy month for you. Sandi