Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bumper Crop Shopping Update

My quilt studio is a mess from recent vintage shopping.  It's summer vacation for the kids, Wes keeps bringing stuff home, and I don't have the time to go through it all, but here it is:

 Five Box Fabulous Fabric Find

Box #1, cotton quilty fabrics.

 Box #2, more cotton quilty fabrics!

 Box #3, yet more cotton quilty fabrics!!

 Box #4, a mixture of fabrics, love that bright, shiny tulip print on the left.

 Box #5, another mixture of fabrics, plus some trims.

 On and inside of this box:  cotton quilty fabrics that I have already sorted out, washed, and folded.

 Along with the fabrics, came a few small, unfinished hand-quilted pieces.  I'm adding some stripey binding to this one.

 Here's another matching piece.  I'm guessing someone was making pillows out of these.

 A small wall hanging, also hand quilted and ready for binding.

 Three books for the craft library.

I'm excited about the first book, Romantic Hand Knits.  I'm planning on making something from this book when I finish the crochet handbag I'm doing at the knitting in the library group.

Victorian Cross Stitch has some beautiful ideas for the home.  Very pretty to look at.

And, Quick Quilts to Make in a Weekend - LOL!  Like I could ever make a whole quilt in a weekend!

 Antique Iron Lamp

Here's another LOL!  I really did laugh out loud when I saw this iron lamp.  It's so corny, but at the same time, so perfect for my iron collection.  Who else could appreciate this?  I'm planning on jazzing up the lampshade for this...sometime.

Asian Pincushion

This mysterious pincushion was hidden deep inside one of the boxes of fabric.  It has six Asian looking guys hanging around the outside of it.  Curious.  Does anyone know the story behind this?  I'm enjoying using it, but I feel like I'm missing out on something.  What does it mean?  

Thanks for reading!  Until next time...please visit the Curlicue Creations Shop...and have a super day!



  1. I have two of those pincusions...bought them in hawaii. I'm not sure theres a story behind them but they sure are cute!

  2. I love lucky dips. Never know what is going to come next a treasure or trash. Thanks for the sneak peek at these goodies.

  3. Jo, thanks for the little bit of info on the pincushion. Perhaps my pincushion originated in Hawaii, too.