Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh, Rainy Day!

Oh, rainy day today...what to do inside?  Likely we'll make a trip out to the log cabin, post office, library, and grocery store, read some stories, sing some songs, and quilt, quilt, quilt.

Mystery Quilt Borders

Yesterday I finished up the low contrast nine-patch blocks and set them into these on-point borders.  They came out nicely, after some un-sewing when I realized I put some of the blue triangles where the red triangles should go.  I only noticed after I used up all of the blue triangles!  Ooooops!  :)

Log Cabin Print

Also, some recent vintage shopping turned up this cute log cabin print.  It's by Lotti Avila, vintage 1987.  It's even signed and numbered, number 29 of 1950.  I believe the log cabin set like this is called "Furrows", like the furrows in a field.  Lotti Avila is mainly known for cross stitch design.  I'm sure I have some of her cross stitch designs in my vast collection.  I was really into cross stitch for a while.  I still enjoy it on occasion, especially samplers.  They are my favorite.

Until next time...visit the Curlicue Creations Shop...and have a super day!


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  1. I love rainy days, we just don't get enough of them here, and it seems that when it does rain, it's always a downpour.
    Your nine patch blocks look great, I had to stare at my computer screen before I noticed the five slightly darker squares. I like the contrast.
    Bev is making a baby quilt with blocks, and when she finished all the blocks called for by the pattern, it's smaller than she likes to make, so she will have to make more. And after we spent a while arranging the blocks for the best look!