Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Warm Enough to Make Frosty Sweat!

Frosty Quilted Table Runner

This week I worked on the Frosty Quilted Table Runner a little bit.  And it's hot!  Hot enough that the two older boys actually tried the swimming pool yesterday.  I should have taken a photo of that!  It's 80 degrees and sunny, but the pool is likely 50 - Brrrrr!  You're not going to see me in there, but I'm betting there will be some more swimming this afternoon.

Corner of Frosty Quilted Table Runner

Here's what's happening with Frosty.  I quilted some fun loop-de-loops in the red border.  I love doing those.  Now all I need to do is figure out what to quilt in the blue outer border and he'll be ready for binding.  Lookin' good!

Mystery Quilt Inner Border Corner

I also finished putting the inner border together on my Mystery Quilt.  Here's a photo showing one of the corners.  I turned the corners around to give the border a different look.  I like the effect.  It looks a little bit woven.

Low Contrast Nine Patch Block (almost!)

Now I'm working on making nine low contrast nine patch blocks.  You can see what they're going to look like in the photo, above.  These are going to be in an on-point postage stamp style setting in the next border.  I was just going to do solid squares of the star print, but I didn't have enough of it, so, voila!...low contrast nine patch blocks were born.

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