Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crabby Crab Fusible Applique Tutorial

Here's a little tutorial about my way of doing fusible applique.  

1.  Trace the pattern pieces onto the paper side of your fusible web.  Don't forget to include any reverse pieces.  I like to use Heat N Bond Lite.  It works for me and is easy to find in the store.

2.  Cut out the fusible web pieces 1/8" to 1/4" beyond the drawn lines.  Allow a little extra where pieces will meet for an underlap.

3.  Iron the fusible web pieces to the back of your fabric, following the manufacturer's directions.  I press for about 20 seconds, with a hot iron, no steam.

4.  Cut the pieces apart from each other to make cutting them out easier and smoother.

 5.  Cut the pieces out on the drawn line.  Make your cuts as smooth and even as possible.

6.  Gently fold your background fabric in half both vertically and horizontally and finger crease on the folds.  Using the crease lines as a guide, arrange the applique patches on the background, tucking one edge under where patches meet.

 7.  Working in alphabetical order, peel the paper backing off each piece and fuse to the background with a hot iron (no steam!).  I usually press each piece for about 20 seconds.

8.  Tiny zig zag stitch around the edges.  Use a clear plastic foot, and set your machine for a very small zig zag stitch.  On my machine I use a width of 2 and a length of 1.  Experiment on a scrap until you get the look you desire.  Use a matching thread in the bobbin.

9.  Begin with the needle down on the outside edge of the patch.  Stitch slowly, stopping and lifting the foot to rotate the fabric when necessary.  You may wish to take a few tiny stitches at the beginning and end to secure the thread.  I prefer to pull the threads to the back and secure with a couple of tiny knots.  Be sure to trim the thread ends before stitching the next patch to avoid entanglement.

10.  Press and enjoy your finished fusible applique block.

Crabby Crab Block

The Crabby Crab Block pattern is included in the Outer Banks Bunny Quilt Pattern.  You can also look for it soon in the Curlicue Creations Shop as the upcoming Crabby Crab Hot Pad Pattern.

Until next time...have a super day!


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  1. Very informative tutorial about appliques. When I get a little more capable with the sewing machine and such, I'll have to give it a try. I bookmarked this blog.