Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Nova Table Topper Quilting Update

 I finally found a few minutes to finish piecing my Nova Table Topper.  This has been fun to sew and a terrific learning experience for diamonds and 60 degree triangles.  Jaybird Quilt's Sidekick ruler helps them to fit together with ease.

 The pattern for the Nova Table Topper was designed by Julie Herman.  The pattern, fabrics, and Sidekick ruler were all included in the February 2018 Quilty Box.  The green in the topper matches my kitchen table just perfectly, and I have a small sized table, so the 20-1/2" x 23" size was just right.  I had to make it!

Here's my table.  So green.

I've decided to follow the free motion quilting design shown on the pattern model.  It was stitched by my quilting hero, Angela Walters.  It's going to be great practice for me as I'm just getting back into FMQ~ing on my sit down machine and it's a whole different process than quilting on the frame.  I didn't get too far yet, but I'm enjoying the journey.  I'll post another update when I make more progress.

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