Friday, April 13, 2018

Log Cabin Quilting Update ~ Quilt Block Classics

 Here's the latest on my Log Cabin Quilt Block Classics quilt.  

 I decided to quilt this on my domestic machine, rather than on the frame.  It's a small quilt, the frame was occupied with another project, and I was excited to get started on the quilting.  So I laid this out on my cutting table and basted it with safety pins.  

I've always admired quilts with concentric circle quilting from the center out.  I thought this would be a terrific quilt to try it on.  I marked my center circle with a template, and started stitching.

 I'm using a minty color King Tut thread by Superior for the quilting.  It's soft tone blends well with most of the fabrics.

 I'm stitching the circles about 3/4" apart.

 Stitching around,

 and around,

and around.  Nearly finished!  Hopefully I can finish the quilting in my next session.  I'm enjoying this technique.  It seems like it would be fun to add pebbles inside some of the rings of quilted lines, and vary the widths of the circles for more interest on a future quilt.

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Jennifer Thomas

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