Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Spring Clean Studio Blog Hop 2018

Hello!  Welcome to my ~ oh my! ~ it's a mess maker space!  It's day Two of the Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop, and I'm so glad you stopped by.  This hop has been organized by Cheryl Sleboda of Muppin.com.  Thank you, Cheryl for inspiring me to clean my sewing studio.

This corner is not too shabby!  Just a few boxes on the floor and a collection of various items on the shelf over the quilting frame.  I really need to find a home for everything, though.  Every time I need the frame I move all the stuff from the floor to the cutting table.  Every time I need the cutting table, it all moves back to the floor in front of the quilting frame.  

What is going on over here?  A few more stacks of boxes and books, books, books.  Do I need immediate access to this many books?  Surely this space could be better utilized.

Honestly, many of the books and boxes simply moved from the studio to the camper.  That's a Spring Cleaning project for another day.  I'm not going to show you a pic of the inside of my catch all clutter storage camper.  No way.

My book case area now looks like this.  I pulled out two of my favorite pink sewing machines and put them on display.  I have a few wooden boxes of fabrics, sewing boxes, an iron from my iron collection and a pair of dust bunnies to remind me to keep it clean!

This is another completely nonfunctional corner of my studio.  Look at that stack of quilts!  What is going on here?  I know I can make better use of this space.

After cleaning!  I can actually access my pattern notebooks without danger of being buried under a quilt avalanche.  Everything has been dusted and decluttered.  I put the books that I actually use in this area.  I can once again enjoy my pink hutch and have a little extra much needed workspace.

This is where I spend the majority of my time, cutting and sewing.  My sewing desk is made out of an old industrial metal desk.  I had lots of clutter gathered on the hutch behind the desk and in my little white cart.

This is my after picture.  Not a huge difference, but better, I swear!  Lots of room to create.  Clutter and dust free.

My studio has three doors.  One to the kitchen, one to the living room, and one to this small screened in porch where I do my ripping and hand stitching in peaceful serenity.  One of my favorite things is my "Annie Lee's Grave" sign mounted over the door.  If you're a history buff, Annie Lee was the daughter of General Robert E. Lee.  During the war, she fell ill and came to my area to visit the hot springs for healing.  Alas, the hot springs were not sufficient enough to cure her malady; she died and was buried nearby.  In more recent times her grave was vandalized with graffiti.  Her family went through a fight and eventually won the rights to bring her body back home and rebury her.  My husband was given this sign along with some other vintage road signs while removing a hive of bees from a soon to be demolished farm house.  I love it.

I'm sorry I don't have a before pic of this area.  This is above the doorway in a super skinny hallway that leads out of my studio into the living room.  I had a cross stitched picture here before my cleaning.  It just melted into the shadows and I wanted to change the look.  I stole this shelf from my kitchen, the sign from my camper, and pulled together a few more things to create this cute look.

That's all folks!  After ten years of creating in this room, I got some of it cleaned up.  I hope you enjoyed my Spring Clean Studio tour today.  Be sure to visit the other fabulous studios on the tour, one every day.  I can't wait to visit everyone!  Please leave a comment.  Your comments make my day.

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Jennifer Thomas

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  1. I love your studio! Especially after spring cleaning!

    1. Thank you Heather! It sure needed it.

      Have a fabulous day!

  2. Awesome sign! I just moved from one old house into another old house, this has a much bigger area for quilting and creating. Just moving everything to the bigger space has inspired me. You didn't even have to move to get a bigger space!

    1. Thank you, Anne! I'll bet you are enjoying your new space. It must be fun to start fresh and have the opportunity to organize everything.

      Have a fabulous day!

  3. Jennifer,
    Great Post and cute vignettes!
    Even if we didn’t get it ALL done it feels so much better than it did before!

    1. Yes, it does feel better. I can actually work without moving a pile of stuff first. Amazing!

      Have a fabulous day, Robin!

  4. Would love to see the quilts that were in the corner! Great post, inspiring me to look at my work areas in a new way.

    1. Thank you, Linda. I've probably posted them all here before, but it might be fun to do a "quilt show" post.

      Have a fabulous day!