Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vintage Shopping & Sewing Museum Collection

Lucky, lucky, me.  My husband is always on the lookout for new sewing items for my collection.  Here are some new additions he recently brought home.  Above is a sewing machine music box.  It plays "Home Sweet Home".  Adorable, and apparently a bit rare.  I couldn't find one like it on the internet, however, there is a large variety of sewing machine music boxes out there!  I was surprised.  It is shown sitting on one of three Twist and Shout blocks I made at Quarter Seamers on Monday night.

He also brought home three quilting books for my library.  All books that I didn't already have - yay!  The first is 60 Machine Quilting Patterns by Pat Holly and Sue Nickels.  I am reading this one.  I hope it will help me in my quest to improve my machine quilting skills.

The second book is Fast Patch Kids' Quilts by Anita Hallock and Betsy Hallock Heath, sisters, I think.  Very cute designs for kids in here.

The third book is Quick Quilts from the Heart by Liz Porter and Marianne Fons.  If this isn't a classic in the quilting world already, it will be someday.  It was printed in 1994, so it is kinda vintage.  Kinda, sorta.  There are some really beautiful, classic quilts in here.  Fun to look at.

And that was it.  He's out shopping again right now.  I hope he brings me home a cookie.  Really, I do.

Until next time...please visit the Curlicue Creations Shop, and have a super day!


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