Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pepper Mint's First Quilt

 Pepper Mint and her newest goodies.

Pepper Mint has been busy working on some items for her new home (in restoration).  It's time for an update on what she's been doing.

 Cheater Cloth Miniature Basket Quilt

She just finished making her very first quilt!  At 6" x 8", it may be a little small for her new bed, but it's oh so charming with all the little country baskets.  She machine quilted the top and it came out quite nicely.

 Yo-Yo Mini Wreath

My children gifted me with this adorable Yo-Yo Wreath ornament from the Quilt Museum in Paducah for Mother's Day.  It's the perfect size for decorating Pepper Mint's home this Christmas season.  

 Queen Anne Serving Table

She also finished making this replica Queen Anne Serving Table.  It's circa 1740-1750.  This will be lovely for entertaining guests.  

 Miniature Tatted Doily

While out vintage shopping this week, she came across this teeny tiny tatted doily, perfect for the top of the Queen Anne Serving Table.  Adorable!

Cross Stitched Lighthouse on Aida

Pepper Mint also stitched up this cute cross stitch lighthouse kit by DMC.  I need to find her a suitable frame, and then, up on her wall it goes!  This kit is made to introduce newbies to cross stitch.  I thought it was a little bit complicated for a first timer, but it was quick and fun to make.

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