Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day, America!

Fourth of July Geese quilt

I have actually made quite a few patriotic quilts.  Most of them are being used as quilted curtains in my home. This Fourth of July Geese quilt started out as Fourth of July Ducks, but I think the necks are too long for ducks, so....they turned into geese.  Duck, duck, goose!  I need to finish hand-quilting this one.  It is close to complete.  Maybe by the next Fourth of July.

Pinwheel X quilt

This quilt is also patriotic and the pattern is available in my shop,  It is a quick and easy paper foundation pieced quilt.  The finished quilt is a good size for a wall hanging, lap quilt, or crib quilt.  Order the pattern now, and you could have it ready for your next Independence Day picnic.

Ice Pellets quilt top

This week I wanted to start quilting the Ice Pellets quilt.  The Ice Pellets pattern is also for sale at  Unfortunately, I do not have enough safety pins freed up for basting.  I really need to finish some of those UFO's, like the Fourth of July Geese quilt.  I did get back to working on quilting the "Love Trip Around the World" quilt, shown below.  I freed up a few safety pins from that one.  It is a huge quilt.  It's going on my king size bed...someday.

Love Trip Around the World quilt top

That picture is from before the borders were joined to the top.  It has two plain borders, one medium blue, one navy.


I also worked on the Faith applique block pattern.  This block finishes at 12".  Four other applique block patterns are to follow, Joy, Hope, Peace, and Love.

Chickens in the Kitchen quilted trivet

I opened two new sections in my Etsy shop,  Quilted Trivets, and Craft 
Books.  The Chickens in the Kitchen quilted trivet shown above is available for $19.00 plus shipping.  It measures 9" x 9".  If you prefer to make your own, the pattern is also available in the Quilt Patterns section.
Be sure to browse the Craft Books section for a variety of books, some vintage, some not.

If you make a quilt from a Curlicue Creations pattern, please send a picture and I will post it on the blog.  I would love to get a Curlicue Creations online quilt gallery set up for everyone to share their quilts.

Please be sure to visit the Curlicue Creations Facebook page and click the "Like" button!  We need to get 25 likes to get it going.  

Have a super Independence Day!

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