Monday, July 11, 2011

Toy Sewing Machines

Sew Precious by Simplicity

My latest acquisition - the Sew Precious by Simplicity.  You can actually sew on this cool machine, but it's for a beginner, for sure.  It does a straight stitch and a zig-zag.  I'm calling it a "toy".  It would be great for a child who wants to learn how to sew.

Pink Toy Sewing Machine by Mattel

I just love this machine.  It's so Pink!  When you pull out the red knob and let it go the plastic yellow needle moves up and down, the whole thing shakes, and it makes a terrific sewing sound.  Did you have a toy machine when you were a child?  Do you still have it?  I still have a Barbie sized wind up sewing machine.  The needle moves up and down when you wind the mechanism.  As a girl, I even wound some yellow thread around the plastic spool to make it more realistic.  Nowadays it resides in my quilt shop dollhouse, along with a couple of tiny metal black Singer type machines.  I'll have to post some photos of the teeny tiny quilt shop someday...

Singer Junior Miss

I also have the Singer Junior Miss.  This toy machine also sews.  It has both a plug and a battery compartment.  It even comes with it's own carry case.

White Sew Cute

When this machine came out in the store, I just had to have one.  They originally came in three colors, yellow, mint green, and pink.  I wanted one of each, but I just got the yellow one.  I originally wanted it to sew at work on my lunch break, but it was a bit too noisy.  A couple of years ago it fell off a tall pedestal, a crucial piece broke off, and voila - it became a toy.  My middle son has put many hours of love playing with this machine.  My youngest son is starting to take to it, too.  

I believe that's it for the toy sewing machine collection...for now...maybe someday I'll come across one of those antique metal toy machines, just begging to come home to my personal sewing museum.

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