Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This week's spoils

Pinwheel X 

Ice Pellets

Raspberry Bridge Mix

Heart Match

Chickens in the Kitchen trivet

Sunshine in the Rain

These six quilt patterns are currently up for sale at curlicuecreations.com  So cute, you know you want a few! Be sure to check the Curlicue Creations store for some upcoming floral applique block patterns, Faith, Joy, Hope, Peace, and Love.

Raspberry Bridge Mix 

I started cutting out some of the chocolate and cream fabrics for the Raspberry Bridge Mix quilt top this week.  I'm using a variety of fabrics for the chocolates and creams.  I need a great raspberry fabric to pull it all together.

Raspberry Bridge Mix tester blocks

I also made some tester blocks for this pattern in the above blue/black color scheme.  The center block of the star has a fussy cut guitar.  This came out so cute, I'm thinking I'm going to make another project with a few more of these blocks, maybe with a different instrument in the center of each star.

Red metal box filled with goodies

Now on to this week's spoils!  I got this nice red metal box filled with thread, buttons, and a few other sewing odds and ends.

Sewing Kit

Here's a close up photo of the little sewing kit in the above red metal box.  I couldn't believe how cute it is!  All the different colored tiny spools of thread, a red thimble, and a couple of needles.  The top of the box even has a pretty pattern molded into it.  I couldn't find a name on it anywhere..I don't know where it was made.

Dorko Solingen Scissors

Here's a nice pair of Dorko Solingen Scissors made in Germany.  I'm not sure how old these are, but they cut very nicely.  A great addition to the sewing basket.

And the results of the sewing machine lint poll are in.  Tsk! Tsk!  One hundred percent of the people who answered the poll only clean out their sewing machine when it breaks down.  Okay...I'm guilty too, but I'm going to work on that...really.

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