Friday, January 22, 2021

A Happy Scrappy Finish

I finished the Happy Scrappy quilt!  This project took a long time as I worked on it in between other quilts.

I quilted this one with concentric circles out from the center.  One of the fun things I did on this quilt was to add a couple of circles of machine embroidery stitches.  See the colorful tulips?

I'm not sure what this stitch is called, but it's adding a pretty touch to the quilt.  If you try this, be aware that it takes a looooooong time to get around each circle with machine embroidery stitches, as they are much more detailed than a regular straight quilting stitch.

I really like the way this quilt came out.  The pattern and most of the fabric is by Guicy Guice.

The pattern and fabric came in a Quilty Box.  Quilty Box is a monthly subscription box for quilters.  Each month you receive fabric, patterns, thread, notions, and inspiration in your mailbox.  It's so much fun!

Disclaimer:  This subscription box was given to me by Quilty Box at no cost to me. 

Doesn't this quilt look inviting, sitting on the front porch glider?  

I used a solid Navy Blue for the backing fabric.

I bound the edge with a bright medium blue.

Pretty folds.

Flying free in the January sunshine.

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Jennifer Thomas

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  1. What a fun scrappy quilt! I love that you used a few decorative stitches as you went around-great idea!