Saturday, January 2, 2021

Pickle Dish Rescue Quilt

Ahhh....I love a good rescue quilt. My husband purchased this unfinished Pickle Dish quilt at an estate sale and gave it to me for Christmas.  It's so pretty!

Here's a closer look.  It's a fairly small quilt, 38" square, hand basted and partially hand quilted.

It came with this beautiful hand quilting hoop.  The hoop is about 24" in diameter.  It takes up a bit of space in my already crowded studio, but I do occasionally enjoy hand quilting.  I hope I can find some time to finish this lovely quilt in between other projects.

Here's a couple of close ups of the quilted areas.  There are diamonds quilted in this four patch section.

Both the colorful triangles and the white triangles in this section have been quilted as well.
 All together, it's a lovely quilt, begging to be finished.  I'll add it to my "to be quilted" stack.  I have a lot of projects planned for 2021, but I'm hoping to finish a few UFO's too.  What are your quilting plans for the new year?  Leave a comment below.

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  1. Stunning little quilt and your handwork compliments it well!

  2. What a creative gift to receive. I only have a few UFOs and I plan to stay on top of things this year. fingers crossed xxxxxxxxxxxx ☺

  3. What a great find! So neat that you will finish it. That sounds like a fun project.