Saturday, July 4, 2020

Quilting the Crocker Baby Quilt ~ Part Two

This is my newest studio assistant, Sunrise.  He jumped right in and helped me weave in the loose thread ends after I finished quilting the Crocker Baby Quilt.  Did you see my blocks from Part One?  Link to that post here:  Quilting the Crocker Baby Quilt ~ Part One

 I quilted a different design in each of the 36 square blocks on this quilt.  I'm not going to show all of them, but here's a few.  This one is curlicues inside a bracket shape with up and down lines on the outsides.

 I freehand quilted all the designs with no marking or rulers.  I like this one's simple and whimsical look.

 This is my favorite block in the quilt.  It was my first attempt at a curved grid.  I love the look of it!  I'll be quilting this design again.  

 A curvy feather wreath that fills in the whole square.

 This one is a bit difficult to see.  It's a curlicue feathery design sewn diagonally across the block.

 Wavy vertical lines.

 A partial flower.

 Blue corner lines.

 Curvy lines meandering diagonally across the square.

Here's a pic of the top before quilting.  Binding next!

Note:  The fabric and pattern for this quilt were given to me by Quilty Box at no cost to me.


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