Thursday, July 9, 2020

Quilt Soap Review

 Hello dear readers.  You asked for a review on the Quilter's Rule Quilt Soap.  Here's my experience:
I used this soap to clean my Rock the Boat Waterfall Version Quilt, just returned from a trunk show with Island Batik.  My quilt was returned in beautiful condition, but I felt it needed a cleaning after being out in the world.  I did a machine wash, delicate cycle, using the Quilt Soap.  Before using, you have to shake the container a bit to agitate the contents.  

 This is how the soap looks inside.  It is maybe a little thicker than laundry detergent and has a nice clean smell, like soap.  You only need one tablespoon of the soap per wash.  This 8 oz. container has enough for 16 washes, and complete directions for machine washing, or washing by hand for more delicate, family heirloom type quilts.  I also threw in a color guard sheet with my quilt, just in case.  

 As you can see, my quilt came out nice and clean!  It also has a clean smell, not a strong purfume-y smell, just clean.  Very nice, and kitten approved.  I'm keeping the Quilt Soap in my laundry room. It's also notable that this soap contains no water, dye, or additives and it's biodegradable.  I received my Quilt Soap in my Quilty Box subscription, but you can purchase it from Quilter's Rule, here:  Quilt Soap.  

Note:  This product was given to me by Quilty Box at no cost to me.  


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