Thursday, November 7, 2019

My Evil Wizard ~ Halloween and Beyond

 My kids have always created their own Halloween costumes.  In 20 years of trick or treating, I think I've only purchased 2 store bought costumes.  This year Trent presented me with this high fashion drawing of his desired look.  It's an evil wizard cloak, dreamt up from a character he created himself, the evil wizard, Leetroy.

 He's been eyeing this large roll of red velvet for a long time.  In the past, he's asked me to make a few different things with it, including red velvet curtains with gold trim for his room (No!).

 I did not have the perfect pattern to sew this robe, so I altered a similar pattern.  One of the big factors Trent wanted was the triangle shaped sleeves.  

 He's definitely in character here, looking quite evil.

 He also wanted a large cape like collar.  The original pattern had a hood.  This came out pretty well, too.

 I also lengthened it, added a couple of buttons to the top as requested, and sewed a large pocket for his wand and candy.

 He made his own wand from a piece of wood.

 He was able to wear his costume to the annual Halloween festival at the Aycock Rec Center.

And out trick or treating with a friend.  Post Halloween, he's been wearing it around the house quite a bit.  He said it's nice and warm for the chilly Fall days we've been having.  I should be able to get back to sewing my denim skirt soon.  It's looking more like a Spring skirt than a Fall skirt, but I'm sure it will get finished eventually!

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