Monday, September 24, 2018

Starstruck featuring Kosmo's Comets

Disclaimer:  The fabrics, thread, and batting used in this project were generously supplied by Island Batik at no cost to me.
 Meet my latest quilt, Kosmo's Comets. I didn't quite get the contrasts right on this one.  You have to look closely to see the friendship stars in the center of the blocks.  But, I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt and I love it, even though it didn't come out the way I had it planned visually.

 Kosmo's Comets is my September challenge quilt for Island Batik Ambassadors.  This month's theme is Starstruck.  The quilt can be any size, as long as a star theme is incorporated into the design.

 I used the Globetrotter collection once again.  If you remember, I used Globetrotter in last month's Wishing Star quilt, too.  I added a couple of dark fabrics from my second Island Batik box ~ a solid black and a deep, dark blue.

 Here's a close-up of one block.  Now you can see the star.  I paper pieced four sections and then sewed them around the center square to create the blocks.  

 The design takes on a completely different look from this angle.

 I quilted Kosmo's Comets with Hobbs Thermore batting.

 Oh kitty!  This quilt has a nice Autumn feeling to it.  I like the way my camera picked up the thread behind the heart cutout in this photo.  This is Kosmo's Comets posing with a thread cabinet in my sewing studio.

 I used Aurifil thread in both a bright yellow and a dark dramatic blue for the straight line quilting.  I'm still having a renewed love affair with my walking foot.  We're "reunited, and it feels so good...."  Do you remember that popular song from the 1970's?  I remember it being so popular that they played it over the loudspeaker during the morning announcements at school.

 I used a non Island Batik fabric for the back of the quilt, but I'm going to show it a bit so you can see the fun I had with my walking foot.  It really stands out against the orange backing fabric.

 I bound the edges of this quilt with the same sunshiny yellow fabric as I used for the center of the stars.  Such a happy little fabric.

 Island Batik's Globetrotter collection looks gorgeous sewn all together.  I'm going to enjoy displaying this quilt on the wall next to my kitchen table for a while.

This quilt is Fuzzy approved, and ready for Fall.

Quilt Stats:
Quilt Size:  26" x 34"
Block Size:  8" x 8"
Fabric:  Globetrotter by Island Batik
Batting:  Thermore by Hobbs
Thread:  Aurifil

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Jennifer Thomas

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  1. Cute! Didn't realize it's small but it's darling and fun to have to look for the star.

    1. Thank you, Bea. Yes, it's a small wall hanging size, perfect to fit into a small wall space in my kitchen this fall.

  2. Fuzzy has very good taste :) Sweet quilt!

  3. I think this is a great little quilt and you can see the stars! Sometimes batiks just fool us and work differently than what we expect - but I always love the look.

    1. Thank you, Kathleen. I love my batiks, too. I may try another version of this design, though to see if I can get the look I was trying for.