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Pieced to Perfection Blog Hop and Giveaway featuring Idalia's Web

This is the quilt I made for the Island Batik Ambassador Pieced to Perfection Blog Hop, Idalia's Web.

Disclaimer:  The items used to make this project were given to me by Island Batik and Industry Partners.

This month we were challenged to make either a foundation paper pieced, or English paper pieced quilt using the new fabric collections.

I received the English Lavender collection.  It is sooooo beautiful.  If you love purple and blue, this is the fabric for you.  I have made three quilts with this collection; I just love it that much!  Look for it in your local fabric shop next month.

Today I'll be showing you Idalia's Web.  I'll post about the other two quilts I made in the near future, so check back soon.  I decided to foundation paper piece my quilt.  I began by cutting strips the approximate sizes that I would need for the sections.  I used every fabric in the English Lavender collection and mixed them up randomly within the blocks.

I used the four yard cut of solid black that Island Batik sent in our second boxes for the background.  I used nearly ALL of the black fabric in this quilt.  I only have a little piece left, maybe 1/4 yard.  This pic shows the paper piecing in progress. 

This is what my units look like.  I made 96 units for this quilt.  They look like shark fins to me.  A few other quilters said it would make a nice sail for a sailboat.  

48 of the units face one way and the other 48 are mirrored.  I used Schmetz needles for all of the piecing.  They had no problems stitching through the fabric and paper together.

I sewed each of the pairs together to make a block.

Then I used my Accuquilt 1-1/2" strip die and made strips out of this fabric for the sashing.  It is worth noting that I used all three of my Accuquilt strip dies for this quilt.  I used the 2-1/2" strip die for the inner border and binding and the 2" strip die for the outer border.  

I sewed my blocks to the sashing assembly line style and then cut them apart.  It was quick, easy, and fun!

Two blocks together.  It kind of makes me think "spider!"

The name Idalia's Web came from this tough spider.  She hangs on her beautiful web just off my side porch.  When Hurricane Idalia blew through my neighborhood, it was downgraded to a tropical storm, but it was still super windy and we had 6" - 8" of rain.  This spider hung on and blew all over the place, but she made it through the storm, so I started calling her Idalia.  I named another spider on my front porch "Matilda", and one by my back door "Oh No! Please Go Away!"  Idalia is my favorite.

I wanted to use black thread to quilt and I seem to be always out of black thread so I went off to check out the quilt shops in my new area.  I bought this beautiful black Aurifil (2642) at All About Quilting in Jacksonville, NC.  They were friendly, helpful, and had some Island Batik fabrics ~ yay!

I quilted an allover loopy meander for Idalia's Web.  I think the black thread blends beautifully and adds just enough texture that it doesn't distract from the pieced design.

Four blocks and sashing together.  I used Thermore batting by Hobbs for this quilt.  It's nice and light and easy to quilt.

So lovely!  Look at how the English Lavender fabrics sparkle against the black!

I like this folded quilt photo, too.  It hints at the design without giving it away.

I backed Idalia's Web with Island Batik's Ivory fabric from the neutral foundations.  This fabric is always available.

I finished up my four yards of black with a black binding.

A tangled web!

Idalia's Web

Quilt Stats:
Quilt Size:  40" x 52"
Fabric:  English Lavender by Island Batik
Thread:  Aurifil 2692
Batting:  Thermore by Hobbs
Dies:  Accuquilt 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2" strip
Needles:  Schmetz
Designed in EQ8

I'm giving away a 5" charm pack cut from my remaining English Lavender fabrics.  To enter, simply leave me a comment at the end of this post.  I'll choose a winner randomly at the end of the hop.  Open to U.S.A. addresses only due to shipping costs.  Please be sure  I have a way to contact you, should you be the chosen one.

Island Batik is giving away these two bundles of fabric as well!  Enter to win either English Lavender or Earthly Greens this week at the Island Batik Blog.

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  1. Wow, wow, WOW! It looks absolutely beautiful.

  2. She is exquisite. Absolutely stylish. Love Idalia's Web.
    I am a bit concerned about all the spiders. I mean if you have named them...I hope they pay rent :-D

    1. Thank you. As long as the Idalia and friends stay outside they are welcome to live rent free.

  3. Very pretty quilt! I love purple in any shade. You are brave to leave the spiders.

  4. Love Idalia's is a real beauty. Fun story to go with the quilt. We are looking at a similar situation in Maine this weekend with the arrival of Lee. I really love the black with this collection.

  5. It’s beautiful! And so with the wait!

  6. I love the Island Batik colors. So soft. Your design is beautiful.

  7. What a great story and quilt. I enjoyed the tutorial as well!

  8. Wow! The black background really brings out the beautiful colors and design. I love it!

    1. Thank you, Sharon. I agree, the blues and purples sparkle against the solid black.

  9. Pretty spider web quilt.

  10. Such a pretty quilt. (I'm in Canada, so don't qualify for the giveaway).

  11. In my world purple is the only color 🤔😄 ... beautiful choices.

  12. Your quilt is so beautiful Jennifer and I love the quilting. The black fabric really makes the fabrics sparkle.

  13. You certainly did a remarkable job on that quilt. I have to say that paper piecing drives me to distraction.

    1. Thank you, Gene. I'm not a fan of paper piecing either, but it worked for this quilt.

  14. I love these fabrics! purples and blues are my favorite. A very cool quilt! I'm interested in seeing the other 2 you made from this collection.

    1. Thank you so much! I'll be showing the other two English Lavender quilts soon.

  15. English lavender is my favorite collection. Beautiful colors

    1. I agree. The blues and purples are heavenly toghether.

  16. This is the most beautiful spider web I have ever seen! Thanks so much for sharing this eye candy and inspiration!

  17. Beautiful, you created a fantastic effect with your color placement. Loved your tutorial of your process.

  18. Love the effect, great fabric placement and turorial!

  19. wow!!This quilt looks amazing! I like how used various techniques to make this, very cool!

    1. Thank you so much, Martha. Using different techniques helps keep it interesting.

  20. Beth T. / etalmage at earthlink (dot) netSeptember 14, 2023 at 10:25 PM

    Thanks so much for explaining how you made this! I would not have guessed, no matter how much I studied the beautiful photos!

  21. This is my favorite color combination and seeing it in the batiks I love makes it even better. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I love the way the purples and blue sparkle with the solid black.

  22. I don't like spiders at all, Jennifer, but I love Idalia's Webb! It is amazing and really does remind me of a spider web. I'm sorry, but if I ran across one of those spiders you spoke of, either I or they would not be around long! LOL Great quilt, Jennifer!

    1. Thank you so much! I am not fond of spiders either, but as long as they stay outside, I let them live.

  23. wow your quilt is lovely. thanks for giving an idea of how you did this. quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  24. Thank you for the tutorial! Great quilt!

  25. Love your quilt! The pattern kind of reminds me of the older TV shows, where they would spin a diagram around to hypnotize someone and say, "You are getting sleepy". Perfect pattern!

    1. Thank you so much! I remember those episodes. It seems like every show had one. LOL

  26. Beautiful quilt! Love your story and I hope Idalia is still at your side porch window! I have a praying mantis that sits on a plant on my front porch. Whan I walk by he sometimes hops on my shoulder.

    1. Thank you. What a great story. Say hello to your praying mantis friend for me.

  27. Wow--those colors are so striking against the black! Your quilt is really gorgeous!

  28. I love the black background. It really makes it pop!!!