Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Happy Scrappy Quilt ~ Finished Quilting!

It feels so good to get back to the Happy Scrappy quilt.  I'm nearly finished.  This sewing session I completed the concentric circle quilting.  This pattern is by Guicy Guice.  I received it in a previous month's Quilty Box.

 I quilted concentric circles about an inch apart using this pretty variegated thread; it's #305, Poly Quilter, by Superior Threads.  As you can see, every now and then I stitched a  machine embroidery motif for fun.

 But mostly I just went around, and around, and around with a standard straight stitch.

 I wanted to take a quick clothesline pic of the quilted Happy Scrappy top.  The wind picked up and Trail Mix did a casual photobomb.

 More wind, and Trail Mix casually strolling away to investigate something else.

Another big gust.  I love windy quilt photos.  It makes the quilt seem "alive".

Now I'm ready to make some binding.  I like to sew binding that matches the outer border, but in this case my outer border is a multitude of colorful triangles.  What color should I bind with?  Please leave your suggestion in the comments.  Thank you.

Are you following the Island Batik Ultimate Home Decor Blog Hop?  Today's featured fabric line is Whispering Feathers.  I'm using this collection to make my June Island Batik Ambassador project, and it is amazing!  Check out today's featured bloggers to see what they made:
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  1. This is a great quilt and circular quilting was a nice touch.

  2. I love this pattern. Your version is awesome. Good call on the circle quilting.

  3. I love the circle made with what my son would call a "fancy stitch!" Super cute!