Sunday, February 25, 2018

Oh Kitty ~ Sew Pretty!

 I have to show off my sewing machine today!  I've prettied it up with a "touch of Hawaii" flower from my Mom, and a cute quilty cat sticker from Felice Regina.  Oh Kitty!  I love it!

 I discovered Felice Regina in a recent Quilty Box.  I just love her Caturday fabric line.  I'm planning another Quilt Block Classic tutorial featuring these fabrics.

This quilty cat pin designed by Felice was also included in that month's box.  I think these were in December's Box.  Although I received the Quilty Box for free because I am promoting them, I was so in love with the Caturday line that I visited Felice Regina's Etsy shop here:  I am Luna Sol and purchased the sticker, too.  

Be Creative ~ Sew Something Beautiful Today.

Jennifer Thomas

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