Friday, July 13, 2012

Quilted Curtains

My home, an old 1800's farmhouse.  We will have been living here for 5 years, tomorrow.  I just love it.  When we moved in, there were holes in the walls, the living room ceiling was pink with assorted holes, the bathroom did not really have a floor, and the kitchen?  It was just a sink.  We have done many repairs, including painting the inside and outside to make our house a home.  This house still has the original drafty windows.  To solve this problem,  I have been working on making quilted window curtains.  Since we have 19 windows, I'm still sewing.  

At the moment I'm doing the master bedroom windows.
I'm making melon balls for these.  I finally finished sewing all the blocks into rows,

and started sewing the rows together last night.  These need to be finished before the winter.  Mini-blinds just do not last long when you have 3 boys.

Here's the first quilted curtain I made, all 60 degree triangles.  This is in Levi's room, the 7 year old.

This nifty square in a square curtain hangs in my studio.  I love how the pattern moves your eyes around.  I have a matching curtain on my studio door, covering it's window, too.

A dark photo of my broken dishes bathroom curtain.  I like how the light shining through makes it look like stained glass.

This crown and cross curtain hangs in my oldest son's room.  It's the only one I've made that isn't red, white, and blue.  He specifically asked for these colors.

These last two curtains are hanging in my upper foyer, across from each other.

These four-patches were fun to make.  You can see how they look different when the sun is shining through in these two photos, especially.  The sun was on one side of the house, but not the other.  Sunrise, or sunset?  I don't remember.

Sometimes I think I must be a little crazy to be making all these quilts for my home's windows, but it does make the house more cozy...all wrapped up in love.  And that is what makes a house a home, isn't it?

Have a super day!

Jennifer Schifano Thomas


  1. Your old house is just charming and this winter it will be a lot warmer with all those window quilts holding in the heat and keeping drafts out. I'm sure this is what our fore mothers would have done.

  2. I did the same thing years ago. I am still using them. You would not believe the people that see them and ask WHAT IS THAT? I tell them and then they want some too. I would make them for them but they useally don't want to pay for any thing. So they don't get any made.