Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quilt Block Kits

For those of you who are curious, Yes, I am still working on my Christmas BOM quilt.  I haven't posted any pics of that lately, because I've been making kit bags for the blocks.

Making kits is a fun way to approach a quilting project.  Above, see the kit bag for the Sun Ray Star block.  I have to make 2 of these, so I made a note of that on the little paper tag that I slipped in the bag, along with the name of the block for easy reference.   

This can be done using a thrifty approach.  I'm using recycled plastic bags for my block kits.  You can see I received this bag when I purchased something for $1.50.  I saved the bag to make kits.  Above is the Visions of Sugarplums kit.  I cut out all the pieces for fusible applique, plus the backing fabric.  When I'm ready to sew, I can just peel off the backings, fuse them to the background, and stitch tiny zig-zags around the edges.  Fun!

Here's the kit for the Variable Star block.  Very simple, it's going to be all half-square triangles made from squares. 

Mistletoe block kit.  One advantage to making kits when you are doing a quilt made up of many different blocks is you can coordinate the fabrics and do all the cutting at one time.  This ensures your blocks will all have a similar look and feel to them.

Candy Cane block kit.  This one reminds me of the candy cane cookies my Mother used to make.  They were so good & peppermint-y at Christmas time.

These blocks are teddy bears wearing tiny red bow ties.  I'm fusing these.  I can't imagine doing needle-turn applique on the tiny bow ties.

So, how do you approach a project like this?  Do you make kits?  Buy all the fabric at once?  Enjoy making one block at a time and choosing fabrics from your stash?  I'd love to hear some opinions on this.

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Get Creative!

Jennifer Schifano Thomas

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