Friday, May 21, 2021

Faith Quilt Block and Pattern

This is the Faith Quilt Block.  This pattern has been in my Etsy shop for a while.  I recently decided to make another block with it.  

This pattern is written for fusible applique, but could easily be adapted to other styles of applique.  What's your favorite?

Sometimes I enjoy making bias stems, but in this case, as the stem is one big circle, I used fusible applique for it, too.

The circle stem and the four flowers fused to the background.

Arranging the leaves.

Fusing the leaves in place.

Centering and fusing the ladybug in place.

After everything is fused in place, I used matching thread to secure the edges of each patch with a small zigzag stitch.

Zigzagging around the stem and leaves.

Stitching around more leaves.

And more leaves...

Stitching around the flower petals with red thread.

Stitching the flower centers with yellow orange thread.

And finally, stitching around the ladybug and all her parts.

Finished flower close up.

Finished leaves close up.

Finished ladybug close up.

Finished Faith block.

The pattern for the Faith block is available in the Curlicue Creations Etsy shop.  You can order a paper copy here:  Faith Applique Quilt Block Paper Version

Or you can order an instant download PDF copy here:  Faith Applique Quilt Block PDF Download Version

If you make one of my designs, I would love to see it!  Tag me on Instagram @curlicuecreations.

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