Monday, December 9, 2019

Ohio Star UFO Quilt Project

 A crazy thing happened in my quilting life recently.  I caught up and finished all of my deadline projects.  I can't remember that ever happening before.  It was both freeing and scary at the same time.  With a lack of anything I had to do, I pulled a random UFO box off the shelf to see what was inside.  This box was full of solid colored triangles in a variety of colors, plus lots of black triangles and squares.

 This project is so very old I don't have a drawn out plan for it any more.  I sort of remembered what I was trying to accomplish, but it was no longer what I wanted to do.

 I laid all my pieces out so I could get an inventory of exactly what I had to work with.  Then I "GASP!" threw some of the pieces away!  Do you see that light blue fabric?  It's very thin and flimsy.  I trashed it.

 I decided to mix up the remaining colorful triangles and randomly sew them to the black triangles.

 I sewed them all together into Ohio Star blocks.  This one is just black and blue, but most of them are multi colored.

I like this one ~ purples and pinks together.  
Three of the blocks have a black center square, so they look like they have a large black diamond in the center.  This is the blocks all sewn together into the quilt top.  Now I'm trying to decide how to quilt it.  I've been thinking about a new idea for an allover design I want to try with swirls and pebbles, but I'm not sure if that is right for this quilt.  Do you have any quilting suggestions?  Please leave me a comment below.

Be creative ~ Sew something beautiful today.

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  1. Must be a great feeling to have stuff done. I need to get moving to get my have-to stuff done.