Friday, August 10, 2018

The Wishing Star ~ August Challenge Part One

Disclaimer: These fabrics were given to me by Island Batik.
 This is part one of my August Challenge for Island Batik Ambassadors.  This month we get to reveal our "Surprise" fabrics from box one!  I received the Globetrotter collection.  This is the rep sample I made earlier in the year that will eventually be serving as a kennel quilt in an animal shelter.  It shows all of the fabrics in the new Globetrotter collection.

 These are such vibrant fabrics that I felt they needed to be paired with a bright white fabric to really show them off.  I'm sewing sparkly star blocks with the Globetrotter collection.  I decided to cut and piece the fabrics randomly to give the stars a fun playful look.  I think the points made from the lighter fabrics make the stars look like they are twinkling.  I sewed thirteen of these large star blocks.  Shine on!

 I made my star points using the cut and flip method.  I marked my random squares with a diagonal line across the back.

 I paired them with white strips of the background fabric and sewed right on the line.

 I clipped away the corners, leaving myself with a pile of small triangles to make into something else.  Maybe a mini quilt.....hmmmmm......

 Here are some of my points at the halfway mark.

 As I piece a quilt, I like to put the parts up on my design wall and take photos for future inspiration.  I like the way these diamonds look in the middle ~ cool!

The quilt I am making features three different star blocks.  This is the second block.  Isn't it cute?  What a cute little star!  I'm sewing the block threes now.  I'll reveal the entire quilt on my blog hop day, August 27th.

The Great Outdoors Blog hop is going on now!  Here's today's blog tour stops:

Be sure to come back and visit my blog on August 27th to see my completed star quilt, plus a giveaway!

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Jennifer Thomas

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  1. Just LOVE stars and these are exceptional! White makes lovely contrast!

  2. Looking great - the finished project will be stellar (pun intended)!